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The SabMag Calendar 2002

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

Last updated 9/30/02.

All dates subject to change, check back often.

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SME 6.9 Time: April 19-21, 2002, rain or shine.

Place: North Bend State Park, Cairo (say Care-oh), WV, 35 miles SE of Marietta OH and 55 miles W of Clarksburg WV. Four miles off US50.

This is the heart of West Virginia's scenic and twisty terrain, and no one will be disappointed by the roads, I promise. The redoubtable WV 16, rated as West Virginia's best road and one of the top ten in the country, is right here.

A wide variety of lodging is available, from hotel rooms to cabins to camping. Once ten rooms are reserved, there will be a 10 percent discount on both rooms or cabins. We cannot block off rooms without someone stepping up to reserve the block with a credit card, and I'm thinking the cabins will be more popular anyway. Rates:

Three bedroom cabin: $110/night

Two bedroom cabin: $100/night

Room w/ 2 queen beds: $62/night

Camping: $14/site, $1 ea addl camper over 6.

On site restaurant good enough to get Russell Stephan to fork out. Breakfast buffet, menu service evenings, reasonable prices.

Cabins are fully furnished with fireplaces, TV, telephones, etc. Reservations are the responsibility of each participant. I recommend making early reservations because this place fills up completely in the spring. I don't need a headcount, but if you have reserved a space let me know so I can get a rough idea how the event is shaping up. We can always count on the core group of about 30 of the usual suspects, and we'll get a headcount in early April.

There are no planned activities, although an all-day ride on Saturday is traditional. Bring your road map and a highlighter, and leave your ego at home. This is an early season event in an area that can be unforgiving to underprepared and/or overaggressive riders. The terrain is mostly steep wooded hills and narrow valleys, so there are few straight or level roads. Expect extremes of weather. We've encountered everything between snow and 75 and sunny at this event, altho cold rain seems to be the norm.

You should feel comfortable bringing your family. There are all sorts of family activities in the area: Hiking, rail trails, glass manufacturing tours, etc. See for more info on the area.


SMWSF02 - May 18-19 '02 (aka SabMag West Spring Fling, 2002)
This memorable event (and feast) will be at Pine Acres Resort, Pine Grove, California, May 18-19. Pine Acres Resort has plenty of campsites but only a few rooms, so if ya want a room ya should grab one early. Seems last year's room with two beds w/kitchenette was about $42/night. If Mother Nature permits, this years' route will have some stunning Lake Tahoe vistas, so bring those cameras. Contact me if you want more details. If I don't know the answers, I'll just make 'em up.
SME in Bristol, VT June 8th and 9th, 2002

This is going to be my first attempt at hosting an event so bear with me. KISS method of planning will be in full effect. :o)

Where: 56 North St. Bristol, Vermont. Bristol is located about 30+ - miles southeast of Burlington. About 4-5 hours ride from my house in North Attleboro, MA (approx 220-240 miles depending on route)

When: June 8th and 9th 2002. I will be at the house on Friday the 7th for anyone wishing to show up early and ride, help, chill out, see the sights, whatever.

What: Assorted and varied. Rides yet to be determined, routes highly flexible and up for suggestion. What I'd ideally like to do is to ride some of the roads towards the east and north of where Bristol is. Bristol is locally labeled the "gateway to the Green Mountains". Lots of "mountainous" roads that go up, over, in, and around the mountains. (For those that wish to bring non-riding family, there's a ton of things that can be had for activities. There's a river(New Haven) right down the street, a multitude of swimming holes and a "GREAT" set of waterfalls to swim under just up the street. And for the more adventurous, there are granite rocks that can be jumped from for a little added excitement. River walking and swimming in the summer is a favorite pastime for myself and my family so we'd love to share it with friends. And who knows, you just might find some Jasper!(ask for an explanation if you're intrigued) :o)

Americade will be taking place (actually winding down during this weekend) so there might be some traffic issues to the south but I think the state's big enough to handle a few more bikes if we should decide to head that way.

There are some areas of interest that I would like to hit while on a ride, a couple of which are scenic, and a couple of which are just for my own personal curiosity. I love the country up there and for years have wanted to explore it on my bike. Now, with the company of others(I hope) I'll get to do just that. Any and all suggestions for possible ride routes, or sights to see would be greatly appreciated.

Accomodations: The address listed above is my mother-in-law's house. It's a very old New England home that sits on about an acre of land just under a set of cliffs that look out over Lake Champlain. (Those that wish to can hike to the top in about an hour or less) Great views out towards the West and the Adirondacks. Great photo ops for when you aren't riding or just wish to stretch your legs.

There's plenty of room inside and outside of the house. If my family (read wife and children plus m-i-l) decide to join us then there will be two less bedrooms to choose from but plenty of floor space, lawn space, etc. to accomodate pretty much any number that I can envision showing up. 1 1/2 bathrooms, full kitchen, electricity, etc. etc. Sleep space is all set, just bring the sleeping bags or blankets etc(saves me on doing laundry before I have to ride home on Sunday night or Monday morning depending)

Food: No idea at the moment but I'll work something out I'm sure. Any and all help offered will be accepted and appreciated. I've cooked for years for numbers of people so that's not a problem, types of food and volume will/can be decided by group if needed. Any input appreciated before day of event.

If home cooking is not on your agenda, there's a pizza joint, a restaurant, a chinese take-out place, a bar, a super-market, and several other outlets for feeding available. For any that may be inclined to more than just 1 1/2 star dining, there's an upscale B&B with restaurant about 5 miles north of the house. Oh yeah! almost forgot, the Squirrel's nest diner/restaurant is about 1 mile or so up the street along with another pizza joint IIRC.

For those that wish to stay somewhere besides the house on North St. there are several motels local to the house plus a couple of bed and breakfasts nearby. If anyone wants information on any of these availabilities, let me know in enough time for me to get you the info before that weekend. There are also many other options in not-so-close proximity but well within a short ride.

Directions are easy enough to come by either by using the address with your favorite mapping program/source or e-mail me and I'll fill you in. It's right on a main drag in a small but fairly well-known town(Hollywood movie filmed at a house right down the street, it was titled "Wizard of Loneliness")

If there are questions that any of you that plan to attend or those that are on the fence may have, please e-mail me at or call my home at 508-643-3252. Cell phone number is 508-269-1568.

Those that I haven't yet met, I look forward to it. Those that I have, I look forward to seeing you all again. Feel free to bring family. Those that don't ride will have plenty of available activities to choose from.

SabMag Ozarks(SMOzarks) on 22 and 23 June 2002 in and around scenic Mountain View, Arkansas.

After receiving feed back on when SMOzarks should be held, I have decided that it will be the 4th weekend in June 2002 which is the 22nd and 23rd. While it is centered on the weekend, those who would like to extend it either before or after, can.

There are several campgrounds available here as well as bed & breakfasts for those so inclined and motels are available. I will provide information on that later. For those who prefer, I have space for about 10-12 tents(maybe more) at my house. My shop is pretty complete for those needing repairs, etc.

While this is a dry county, I know where the liquor stores are so beverages will not be a problem. There are many great places to ride and the scenery is fantastic.

As you firm up plans to attend, please let me know so that I can keep up on my planning. Email me at I believe the HSTA annual event is the week after and will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas so folks could attend both pretty easily.

SME 7.0 August 23rd-25th Suches, Ga August 23-25, 2002 at T.W.O. again. For those of you that weren't there in 2001, it's a great place for a get-together. For more info on T.W.O., point your browser over to . Contact Chris Pope

SMENOE 4.0 8/30 thru 9/2/2002 At the Zimranch on Piper Pond in Abbot Village, Maine. 4 hrs north of Boston. Contact

9/14 and 9/15 Northern California

If you have missed it, Shawn & Diane, and Kathy & I are hosting a ride through the Sierras (Feather River Canyon, Sierra Valley & Hwy 49) on the weekend of September 14th/15th. We have secured a group camp site with the capacity to hold 25 people located 6 miles from Kathy's and my house. It is located at a place called Negro Bar on the shore of Lake Natomas. I is part of the American River and just below Folsom Lake. For those with a license to fish and a portable pole, fishing is allowed. The cost is in Maggot range at $37 for two nights, so even if only 10 people show up, it would only be $3.70 per person for two nights. We have already paid the reservation fee, so it is ours for the weekend of September 14th/15th. Here is a map of the Folsom Lake, Negro Bar, American River area:

If you are traveling up I-5, you would take the Business 80 East Freeway towards Hwy 50/South Lake Tahoe when you get into Sacramento. Business 80 turns into Hwy 50 at the 99/80, junction (you would keep going straight to be on Hwy 50/South Lake Tahoe). Continue on Hwy 50 till you get to the North Hazel Ave exit. Go north on Hazel Ave till you get to Madison Avenue, then make a right. Go about 3 miles (Madison will merge into Greenback Lane) till you see the Negro Bar sign on you right side and turn in there. We are group campsite C. It is easy to find the campsite, as the area is not all that big.

If we end up with more than 25 people for the ride, my place is open for staying overnight for the weekend. I have a spare bedroom with a Queen size bed, two couches in the family room and one in the living room, plenty of floor space and a back yard.

Here is the "SMFR Maps/Route Information" page Feel free to contact me with any questions by email or my home phone:

(916) 726 - 0698

I hope you all can make it!

Keith J. Hutchings

Click here to email Keith

4th Annual Eastern Oregon SabMag ride Sept. 20-21. Baker City, OR

email Penny Devlin at: for more information.


SMWFF - Oct 18-20 '02 (aka SabMag West Fall Fling)

In May the Ron & Doe Show outdid themselves once again. It was too much damn fun so we're going to try a first-ever Fall Fling. By overwhelmingly popular demand, the location for festivities will be the Pine Acres Resort, Pine Grove, California. You regulars know the drill, this great little resort has plenty o' camping but only a few rooms, so if ya want a room ya best grab one NOW. If you don't get one, camping should be a viable option, weather this time of year is usually gorgeous, warm days and cool nights.

Ron has been slaving away coming up with a route guaranteed to make everybody happy or your money back. Speaking of money, rooms with two beds & kitchenette run 'bout $42/night at the resort. The official ryder's meeting is scheduled for Friday evening.

Contact if you want more details, I probably won't know the answer, but it's fun to get lotsa e-mail.

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