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The SabMag Calendar 2003

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

Last updated 2/27/2003.

All dates subject to change, check back often.

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Wednesday (proposed) : Cross-state ride from Daytona on US 92 / SR 44 with linkup in Eustis at 0900 at Winn Dixie at FL 19 / CR 44 and on to Cedar Key , lunch and return.
Saturday, March 8: Cookout at Norm's in Eustis starting at 5-ish. Free eats and adult beverages. There'll be some bottled water available also.
Sunday, March 9: Gathering at Honda tent at Daytona Speedway at 1200. Race at 1300. Post race gathering at Hooters if we can get in.

Directions to Norm's place, "The Outpost", Eustis, FL

From Daytona, take 92 west to 17, 17 south to Deland and FL 44 west to Eustis and FL 19. There are two route 44's in Eustis. When at FL 19 / FL44 if you are downtown , go north through town and watch for Country Club Manor on right. If at FL 19 / CR44 you are at the Winn-Dixie / Publix intersection go south to the first left turn crossover into Country Club Manor.

I'll be there any evening March 2-10. We are located in Country Club Manor on FL 19 just north of Eustis. The address is (removed). Map to Eustis cookout
Parking may be limited. Call before you drive in and we'll provide shuttle service. A

Contact Norm Lesmerises (Hooligan): for details.
Call at the Orange Park numbers if you need more details. See you there.

SME 7.9 Time: May 9-11, 2003, rain or shine.
Place: North Bend State Park, Cairo (say Care-oh), WV, 35 miles SE of Marietta OH and 55 miles W of Clarksburg WV. Four miles off US50.

The vote is in. We're opting for warm rain rather than cold rain this year, so we'll have the Spring Shakedown in May. North Bend State Park, Cairo, West Virginia, May 9th through 11th. You are responsible for securing your own lodging. The popular plan last year were the lap-of-luxury cabins, which will require some coordinated planning. If you want a cabin, call North Bend at 1-800-CALL-WVA and reserve one. As of 12am this morning (12-11-02) there were four 2 bedroom cabins left. Each sleeps six. You'll have to prepay $210 for the weekend. There are lots of lodge rooms available for $65 a night as well as plenty of camping.

North Bend is 500 miles from Chicago, 400 miles from Philadelphia, 350 miles from both Detroit and Louisville, 300 miles from DC, 200 miles from Cleveland and Cincinnati, and 150 miles from Pittsburgh and Columbus. And 476.6 miles from Tellico Plains, TN. :^) These are typical originating points for this event.

Plan on riding in the rain. It's one of our enduring traditions for the Spring Shakedown. Bonfire Saturday night courtesy of the state park. As always, be there or we'll talk about you around the fire.

Last year's note:
This is the heart of West Virginia's scenic and twisty terrain, and no one will be disappointed by the roads, I promise. The redoubtable WV 16, rated as West Virginia's best road and one of the top ten in the country, is right here.

A wide variety of lodging is available, from hotel rooms to cabins to camping. Once ten rooms are reserved, there will be a 10 percent discount on both rooms or cabins. We cannot block off rooms without someone stepping up to reserve the block with a credit card, and I'm thinking the cabins will be more popular anyway. Rates:

Three bedroom cabin: $110/night
Two bedroom cabin: $100/night
Room w/ 2 queen beds: $62/night
Camping: $14/site, $1 ea addl camper over 6.

On site restaurant good enough to get Russell Stephan to fork out. Breakfast buffet, menu service evenings, reasonable prices.

Cabins are fully furnished with fireplaces, TV, telephones, etc. Reservations are the responsibility of each participant. I recommend making early reservations because this place fills up completely in the spring. I don't need a headcount, but if you have reserved a space let me know so I can get a rough idea how the event is shaping up. We can always count on the core group of about 30 of the usual suspects, and we'll get a headcount in early April.

There are no planned activities, although an all-day ride on Saturday is traditional. Bring your road map and a highlighter, and leave your ego at home. This is an early season event in an area that can be unforgiving to underprepared and/or overaggressive riders. The terrain is mostly steep wooded hills and narrow valleys, so there are few straight or level roads. Expect extremes of weather. We've encountered everything between snow and 75 and sunny at this event, altho cold rain seems to be the norm.

You should feel comfortable bringing your family. There are all sorts of family activities in the area: Hiking, rail trails, glass manufacturing tours, etc. See for more info on the area.


SMWSF03 - May 17-18? '03 (aka SabMag West Spring Fling, 2003)
This memorable event (and feast) will be at Pine Acres Resort, Pine Grove, California, May 18-19. Pine Acres Resort has plenty of campsites but only a few rooms, so if ya want a room ya should grab one early. Seems last year's room with two beds w/kitchenette was about $42/night. If Mother Nature permits, this years' route will have some stunning Lake Tahoe vistas, so bring those cameras. Contact me if you want more details. If I don't know the answers, I'll just make 'em up.
BC PNW Spring 2003 Ride - May 23-25, 2003
Tentative Itinerary - Proposed BC-PNW Spring Ride

When: Friday 23 May to Sunday 25 May 2003
Where: Meet in Vernon BC on Friday Evening
Route: Travel Vernon to Fauquier on Hwy # 6 to Nakusp, to New Denver to Kaslo to Kootenay Bay and then overnight in Creston on Saturday 24th. On Sunday its home via Grande Forks/Osoyoos on Hwy 3/3A for the Vancouver/Squamish group, via Hwy 20 or 21 for the Washington State group and via Hwy 3A and Hwy 95/93 for the Alberta Group.

See: for details and contact information
SME 8.0 June 13-15, 2003 at the Cherokee Campgrounds in Tellico Plains, TN

There are several bed and breakfasts near, a KOA campground with some cabins just a mile or so from Cherokee Campground, and lots and lots and lots of great roads. We're 5 minutes from the Cherohala, 45 minutes from the Dragon, and the whole area is just criss-crossed with hundreds of other great roads.

I could probably be persuaded to cook up a storm for the Saturday night meal around the campfire, too. Not that you should let your stomach decide for you...

Email Lori Lovejoy ( ) for information and details

SME-PLMR - Pete Leahy Memorial Ride - Saturday, June 28, 2003

What: A ride to honor a friend, from/to a place that was enjoyed by him and others at one of the last places I rode with him.

When: Saturday June 28th, overnighting if you wish in Bristol, VT post-ride.

Where: Destination is to Mt. Okemo in Ludlow, VT

How: However you want to get there, no times are set in stone.

Why: I feel the need is all.

Who: Me, and anyone that wants to go at the same time.

Alternative: Texas Falls on Rte. 125 in VT. don't know what town, it's on most maps though. This is only if for some reason the people on Okemo don't let us go to the overlook up on the top of the mountain. No problem last year but there were some folks that heard we weren't supposed to be up there. We won't know if we can't until we try, then we'll decide on when to go to Texas Falls.

Here's the deal. I'm going to Okemo. Others have expressed interest in joining me. I don't have a list, if you're interested let me know and I'll have a minor idea how many to expect.

This is a self-sufficient ride. Only thing I'm providing is crash space in the north at Bristol after the ride. Think of it as a cabin with running water.

Bring sleeping bags, and towels if you wish. No linen service, no linen on the beds. Plenty of floor space. Some beds to crash on, couple of mattresses for the floor.

Food and drink available in-town either at restaurants/bars/takeout - whatever. In-town is an easily walkable 1/4 mile.

I don't have an itinerary for departure north. All I know is that I'm going, enjoying the ride, remembering a friend, enjoying the company of some other friends.

I work until midnight Friday the 27th so it won't be too early (my standards, might be different for others). Not looking to herd cats if you know what I mean.

An excellent hook-up spot for those that want to meet up at some point is the VT Country store in Rockingham. About 1-2 miles North of 91N on Rte. 103. That's the road we'll be taking, that's the road that Okemo is on in Ludlow.

I'll stop there to pick people up if desired but let's set a real loose window as I'm not looking for structure if you know what I mean.

Questions, hit me, Bob Amadon, off-list ( or on if you feel it's pertinent to the group. Home phone is 508-643-3252 Cell is 508-269-1568
SME-MPRLI - July 4th weekend, 2003 - Major pig roast on Long Island (moved to State College, PA)

We're forced to change the location of the July Fourth Pig Roast due to
delayed construction.

We're putting in a new 3-car, 2-story garage, expanding the width of the
existing garage, which will become our new living room, and converting our
existing living room into a formal dining room.  This work was supposed to
be finished before the Pig Roast, but hasn't even been started yet.

Fortunately, Jeremy (Dirt) has offered to host the event, so the location is
changing from Long Island to State College, PA.

Other than the location, thre is no significant change in plans.

* Please RSVP to Jeremy if you plan to attend, and *
* whether you will bring a tent or need indoor accomodations.   *

For more info, you can contact either Jeremy or me Marc Mauss

SME-Bristol, VT aka SMEBOB - July 25, 26, 27 2003 - 56 North St. - Bristol, VT

Same deal as last year, up on Friday afternoon-evening. Dinner provided (never know if we'll get Squirrel's tail soup again though, Hoop?)
Saturday breakfast and dinner provided. Lunch on the road.
Sunday breakfast provided, ride more if desired, homeward bound Maggots on their way, etc.

All other details are up in the air and are very flexible.

Plenty of tent space, floor space is available for quite a few, a few beds are available on a first come -first served basis. We handled 16 people(family included) last year with a couple of others thrown in and out during the weekend and we had room to spare.

Full bath and shower available.

Reports indicated that it was a decent time last year, enough interest and requests to do it again this year. Last year was my first, this year we'll try something different and experiment as need be.

Ride suggestions gladly accepted. Thinking about one that includes some of upper state New York, west of Lake Champlain for a bit. We'll see.

Any questions, e-mail me (Bob Amadon) at

SMGWN IV - August 8-10 After a one year hiatus, SabMag GreatWhiteNorth returns!

The gala that is SabMag GreatWhiteNorth is nearly upon us again. Come join us at Walt's Inn in Michigan s scenic, rustic Upper Peninsula August 8-10 for a weekend of riding, sightseeing, bike-sniffing and comradery.

WHERE: Walt's Inn ("The Smallest Camp on Lovely Lake Michigamme") is located about 2 miles west of Champion, MI in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The closest town of any size, Marquette, lies about 30 miles to the east on the south shore of the largest freshwater lake in the world (Superior).

EVENTS: Friday night, Connie and I will provide a light buffet and beer tasting at the camp for weary travelers. Saturday, we'll probably ride to spectacular Copper Harbor, MI and back (250 mi.) stopping occasionally for food (When's lunch?) and photo opportunities. Anti-social types can ride wherever they want. Dinner Saturday night will be provided by the hosts. It probably won't be a spread of the epic proportions like that 'maggots have come to expect, but hey, we're way out in the woods, take what you can get. Sunday, we'll all find our way home.

ACCOMMODATIONS: There is a very limited amount of bed and camping space available at Walt's Inn. We have an array of camping equipment available for those who don't wish to transport their's. Walt's Inn is, how you say, primitive. We have a flusher, lights, a VCR and a roof and that's about it. Rooms at the Inn are FCFS. More upscale digs are in close proximity. Van Riper State Park (about 1 mile north of WI) has showers and RV hookups and a *real* swimmin' beach. For details about costs and camp sites call 906-339-4461. Michigamme Shores campground ( -- 906-339-2116), which is directly across the lake from WI and about 3 mi. by road, is privately owned and has all the usual campground amenities.

Breann's "Cross-cut Cafe" and Motel is situated about 2 miles east of Champion, MI at the confluence of M-95 and M-28/US-41. Rooms are clean, relatively cheap (25-35$) and there is a decent diner-type restaurant on site. A 24 hr gas station, convenience/beer store is across the corner. Attendees from previous years rate Breann's highly. Call 906-339-2938 for more info.

DIRECTIONS: Find Michigan. Find the Upper Peninsula. From Lower Michigan, find the Mackinac bridge. Find Marquette, travel east on M-28/US-41 roughly 30 miles to Champion, MI. Approximately 1 mile west of Champion, turn south at Van Riper State Park (there are signs) Continue south for a mile on the paved road, bearing right at the first (and only) crossroads, and then left following the paved road. Proceed approx. 1/2 mile to the end of this road. Those that have a little time on their hands might want to detour up I-75 up to M-28 and then proceed north on M-221 to Brimley. At Brimley, turn left on Lake Shore Drive and continue west along the Big Lake They Call Gitchee-Gumee to M 123. Take M-123 N. to Paradise (Near Whitefish Pt., where the Ed Fitz went down) and then SW to Newberry, where you will rejoin M-28.

>From Chicago, travel north to Green Bay, WI to US141 to Iron Mountain, MI. At IM proceed North on M-95 to M-28/US 41. Turn left, then follow M-28 to the Van Riper State park turn-off. Approximately 1 mile west of Champion, turn south at Van Riper State Park (there are signs) Continue south for a mile on the paved road, bearing right at the first (and only) crossroads, and then left following the paved road. Proceed approx. 1/2 mile to the end of this road.

>From the west, Take US 2 to Wakefield, MI then turn left onto M-28, then follow M-28 to the Van Riper State park turn-off. Approximately 1 mile west of Champion, turn south at Van Riper State Park (there are signs) Continue south for a mile on the paved road, bearing right at the first (and only) crossroads, and then left following the paved road. Proceed approx. 1/2 mile to the end of this road.

Signage will be posted from Van Riper on. The gravel road (1/10 mi.)to the camp drive has been greatly improved and is eminently doable by SabMags. The camp drive is still the steep gravelly bitch it always has been. 4WD shuttle service will be provided to the bike parking area for anyone who isn't a professional motorcycle hill climber or Jack Smith.

Guests or others riding inferior non-V-4 machines are welcome as well. RSVP's are greatly appreciated. E-Mail me directly for better directions, further cajoling, or my home phone#.

Contact Michael Walt for details.
SMENOE 6.0 Labor Day Weekend 2003 at the Zimranch on Piper Pond in Abbot Village, Maine. 4 hrs north of Boston. Contact
SME 8.1, Sep 19-21, at T.W.O. (Two Wheels Only Campground) in Suches, Georgia

Contact them directly for reservations, either at 706-747-5151 or Contact me (David Hill) at for general info, ride suggestions, whatever.
5th Annual Eastern Oregon SabMag ride Third weekend in Sept. 2003. Baker City, OR

email Penny Devlin at: for more information.

SMWFF - Sept. 19-21 '03 (aka SabMag West Fall Fling)

In May the Ron & Doe Show outdid themselves once again. It was too much damn fun so we're going for a second Fall Fling. By overwhelmingly popular demand, the location for festivities will be the Pine Acres Resort, Pine Grove, California. You regulars know the drill, this great little resort has plenty o' camping but only a few rooms, so if ya want a room ya best grab one NOW. If you don't get one, camping should be a viable option, weather this time of year is usually gorgeous, warm days and cool nights.

Ron has been slaving away coming up with a route guaranteed to make everybody happy or your money back. Speaking of money, rooms with two beds & kitchenette run 'bout $42/night at the resort.

The 'feature' of this year's fall event will be Ron's Smoked Turkey Chili for the Saturday Feast. Hope to see ya there!

Contact Ron Erhardt for further details.

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