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The 2006 SabMag Event Calendar

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

Last updated 9/7/2006.

All dates subject to change, check back often.

Download the 2006 SabMag Event Calendar in .pdf format.

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SMEBW-06 Bike Week 2006 - March 10, 2006 Eustis, FL - Yes, there will be a SMEBW-06

The cookout will be Friday evening, March 10, 2006, at Norm's place (The Outpost) in Eustis, FL. All are welcome.

We are encouraging SabMag members and guests to make a long weekend of it, come in earlier in the week, enjoy the local riding.

It is my understanding that the Daytona 200 Bike Race is on Saturday (March 11) again this year.

Weather permitting, race day has been a good choice to rub elbows (and wings) in Daytona Beach.

More information will be forthcoming as it develops.

See and for more information, ticket prices, etc.

I have some recommended roads for riding.
SMSoCal April 8, 2006 - From

SMSoCal2006 Trip Plans

Dave and I had planned to go to the SabMag Arizona ride which Lynn and Wallace have had for the last couple of years. Due to family, they had to cancel this year, so I came up with the brainy idea to put a ride together down here in So. California. This will be the first ride I have ever tried to put together. I have the route planned as you can see above, there are still a number of details to work out, but as we get closer to the date of the ride, those details will work themselves out.

The route will be to start at my house around 10am. We will head north on SR79 to Domenigoni Hwy. Hang a left at Warren Road, a right at Romona Expressway, left on Hwy 79 North, hit Gilman Springs Road and take another left. We will then wind our way up to SR60 Freeway, head east through Beaumont and continue east on I10 until we come to Banning. At this point, we will take a break, then follow SR243 up to Idyllwild. We will probably take a lunch break at Idyllwild and then head out back south on SR243 through Mountain Center and catch SR74 down to Palm Desert where we will take a break. We will then turn around and head back up SR74 to SR371. From SR371, we will catch Wilson Road, Sage Road, East Benton and work our way back to our place by 3:30pm (depending on stops). Mileage will be around 185 miles for the entire ride.

We are still in the planning stages, but we will have some sort of get together after for a little socializing.

I'm looking forward to this ride.

Email Bob H. for directions to his home.
SMAZ 2006 - SabMag Arizona - Cancelled - Check back for next year's dates. (Chandler, Phoenix 'burb) Weekend of April, 2006

Can't provide any additional details right now because I don't have them. That means all things are possible. I know one thing for sure, if ltl doesn't show up for this one I say every single motorcyclist that does should accompany me to his doorstep. he'll ride pillion on my bike if nothing else!

bring your cameras!

who's in?

Last year this was the agenda:

Ride will be from Phoenix/Wickenburg/Prescott/Jerome and then either:

Big loop (gorilla route): 89 to Sedona/Flagstaff take the Lake Mary route to Payson and home or:

Smaller loop (tender tush route): cut across through Camp Verde to Payson and back home.

Either way, it will be a good time. Saturday night party at the Casa. For those souls that want a little more, on Sunday we can make a run out to Tortilla Flat to meet the local biker boyz.

We've got guest rooms and floor space for the housebroken Maggots and plenty of yard space for those of you who aren't. If its hot, we'll be swimming, if it's not...a fire in the outdoor fireplace, food, and beer, plenty of beer.

For those of you that have been here before, welcome back. For those that haven't yet, it's about time! I promise you, you will never be the same. riding with me? Contact TOWMBO for further details.
SME 10.9 Spring Shakedown - May 4-7, 2006

Mark your calendars for the Spring Shakedown, May, 2006

Since it worked out so well last year, once again I've made arrangements at Burr Oak State Park and they've got a block of cabins set aside for us. It's the same deal as last spring, rent a cabin for Friday and Saturday night, get Thursday night free. I haven't got the confirmation letter yet with the final pricing but it's supposed to be about the same. (In 2004 we paid $124/night, this year $128/night.)

For those who weren't there last year: Burr Oak is a few miles east of Glouster Ohio on SR-78, near the infamous SR-555. The cabins in our area have two bedrooms each. One bedroom has a double bed and the other has two twins, and each cabin also has one rollaway bed. They have full linens and kitchens. The park also offers other types of cabins, plus lodge rooms and camping, but they are in different areas. Last spring many of the folks who prefer to camp, set up camp in the large screen porches of the cabins, and this worked out pretty well for keeping most of the group together.

If you want to reserve a cabin, call Cathy Jones at Burr Oak directly, she is the group reservations person there. Her phone number is (740)767-3639. Or you can reserve online via Either way, you want to reserve under the Sabmag group name to get a cabin in our area.

Seeya there!

Contact Katherine Becker if you need further information. 2004 info is here: SME 8.9 Spring Shakedown
V4HondaBBS - Spring Get Together - Possible?? - May 2006

The fine folks from the V4Hondabbbs board are getting together in the beautiful countryside of western North Carolina and would like to invite any SabMag members to join us. This is the first major event for the members of the board and promises to be a memorable time.

We will be meeting at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Camp from Thursday, May 19th through Sunday May 22nd. We are planning to do a lot of riding during the day and relaxing in the evenings.

Ride plans include trips to Deal's Gap - The Tail of the Dragon, Blue Ridge Parkway and probably a few will head over the Smokey Mountains to Gatlinburg.

The Blue Ridge Motorcycle Camp ( has cabins with a queen bed or two twin beds. Reservations will be taken by the BRMC beginning March 1st. For those hardy guys, there is plenty of tent camping that does not require a reservation. The camp is geared for bikers and only bikes are allowed in the camp. They do have a place to unload your bike and park your vehicle.

This promises to be a great weekend and would welcome anyone that would like to join us. For more information contact Bill Martin
Cancelled - Check back for next year's dates. SMWSF06 - May 19-21, 2006 (aka SabMag West Spring Fling, 2006)

From Ron: The tentative date for SabMag Spring Fling '06 is May 19-21. We're hoping (as Rand suggests) that the venue will remain the same.

This memorable event (and feast) will be at Pine Acres Resort, Pine Grove, California, May 19-21, 2006.

Pine Acres Resort has plenty of campsites but only a few rooms, so if ya want a room ya should grab one early. Seems last year's room with two beds w/kitchenette was about $42/night. Last years' route had some stunning Lake Tahoe vistas, so bring those cameras.

Contact Ron E. if you want more details or go here
SpringFlung May 19-21, 2006 - Pine Grove/Volcano, California

While Ron and Doe are unable to host their now classic SpringFling due to other obligations, more than one west coast rider has joined in deploring the possibility of letting spring pass without a gathering of Maggots in the foothills of the Sierras.

A ride will happen on the dates reserved for the SpringFling (May 19-21). If we can again stay at PineAcres, we will, (I'll try to check this out soon) if not, we'll be camping at Grinding Rock, or another nearby campground (motels, etc. are available for those who look).

The focus of the ride will likely be in rememberance of those brave souls who crossed the Sierras in search of the land of Gold, and will visit some of the passes over the Sierras that the pioneers took, but ya'll can ride whatever you want, of course.

"Come on out west!"

Contact Rand for coordination or info.
Meeting of the Magnas 2006 - Possible? - June ??, 2006 - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A rally that the magna Riders Association, Magna Owners of Texas and the Super Magna Owners Group are planning for next year. We are calling it the Meeting of the Magnas 2006 ( ). The dates for the event are from June ?? 2006 to June ?? 2006 and it will be held in Eureka Springs Arkansas. There will be plenty of riding drooling over bikes and whatever else we can come up with.

Contact: Kevin Reinhold for information and details.
SCROTM SabMag/COG - Rally Over the Mountains June 23-25, 2006 - Red Lodge, Montana

Beartooth highway had to be rebuilt this year so lots of the pavement is fresh and the road won't even look the same. For you dual sports types, you may have noticed a goat path going up the far side of the valley, it'll be open as well. I've heard that it makes Jack Hunt's driveway look boring.

Ride the Beartooth pass, crossing from the Big Skys of Montana into the amazing views of Wyoming. Come meet people from two groups, for this rally is a first of its kind, combining people from both the Sabre Magna Group and the Concours Owners Group. Visit wonde rful locations and see some of the most beautiful country there is without a coastal view. Ride the twisties at 11,000 feet and enj oy meeting new people all with a common bond to motorcycling. Ride loops will consist of everything from a nice day ride, 300 or so miles, to a nice morning or afternoon ride of about 100 miles. See our Ride Info page,, for more detailed info on suggested rides.

Our Gathering point is going to be Red Lodge, MT. Hotels and camping are in abundance, check our Lodging links for information. We will try to do a group rate at a hotel if we have enough interest. Food and Beverage choices are also in great supply with restaur ants in every price range. A BBQ style get together will be planned for Saturday night. I hope that all will attend so that we hav e a chance to get to know you all better.

Rally headquarter will be somewhere in Redlodge. Ride information will be available as will suggestions for local area visits. Mos t of this information can be found on the web site.

Please feel free to contact via email or phone if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer your questions. Call us for phone and snail mail info.

Contact: Jack Salsbury, or Brice Ligget, Snail: 1334 Custer Ave, Billings, MT 59102, Cell: 406 698 9489
SABMALIBU - Rescheduled for 2007 - Malibu, California

Announcing the first SabMag National Event in Malibu, CA. The dates are July ??. We have reserved 3 campsites at Leo Carrillo State Park, which can hold a total of 24 campers according to their website. We can park a bunch of motorcycles both at the sites and in the overflow parking lot. One of the sites is reserved for a 24 foot RV which Maggot George Kelly will be able to bring with him if he attends.

July 14 is a Thursday. I added that day for early arrivals and for a day to set up the campsites with firewood. Check in time is 2:00pm so I will be there to select 3 attractive and adjacent sites. I have a reservation, but site selection is first come first served.

So the big first steps have been taken. I hope you all can find a way to get here. It will be memorable. I am especially challenging the East Coasters to get here one way or the other. Did I mention that you can hear the Pacific from the campsite? The beach is a couple of hundred feet away from some really great sites. Those are the ones I will be trying to get.

Happy New Year to all, and see you in Malibu.

Contact: Milt or Ken T. for more info.
SME 11.0 - July, 21-23 2006 at Hunt's Lodge in Tellico Plains, TN

SME 11.0 will be held July 21-23 next year instead of June. There are just too many things going on both here at home and in SabMagdom to do the traditional June timing. The good news is that we believe that we will be able to host at least the camping contingent at Hunt's Lodge, possibly some cottage stayers, also. We plan to have the shower house and pavillion built sometime this upcoming spring. There should be grass in the campsites by July. :o)

The cottages will go in as we can get them built. I will let interested parties know when one is complete. You just have to let me know that you're interested.

Plans will of course include a breakfast of some sort and a barbeque dinner on Saturday, July 22, lots of excellent riding, and we must have the lies around the fire, right? :o)

Email Lori Hunt for information and details. Accomodation information from last year can be found here.

SabMag GreatWhiteNorth '05 - Possible? July ??, 2006

For all the Upper Midwest types that have been whining that other other Sabmag events are "too faaar" away, SMGWN returns! This time it will be held at the new and improved Walt's Inn II, 12 miles north of the village of L'anse MI, on stunning Keewenaw Bay on the Big Lake They Call Gitchee-Gumee. WI II features indoor plumbing complete with shower facilities, easy paved access, ample camping space, stunning views and close proximity to the best riding in the upper Great Lakes area. Come on up, enjoy Yooper hospitality, ride, relax and say to yourself: Why the hell haven't I ever been here before?

Contact Mike Walt for information and further details.
SMENOE 9.0 - Oh Yes! Sept., 2006 (Labor Day Weekend) at the Zimranch on Piper Pond in Abbot Village, Maine. 4 hrs north of Boston.

Contact ZimBob for information, etc.
8th Annual Eastern Oregon SabMag ride Third weekend in Sept. 2006. Baker City, OR

Email Penny Devlin for more information.
Harvest MoonFest - Moody, Texas **Cancelled** - Check back for next year. - Thursday 10/05/2006 - Sunday 10/08/2006


After all the discussion about having a southern Sabmag ride meet, I made some suggestions as to coming to Central Texas for some Hill Country rides. Many people were up for something of this sort later this year. The local Texas SMOT group Sabres and Magnas of Texas ( will host a meet here at my place and welcome any and all SabMaggots ( and Mootsters ( who can make it. This will be an opportunity for some fun, some riding, checking out farkles, meeting folk you may have never met, and seeing some folk you haven't seen in a long time. So post this on your event calendars and hopefully we will have some good weather when the time comes. Hope to see you here!

Here's the details:

Harvest MoonFest -> Moody, Texas
Thursday 10/05/2006 -> Sunday 10/08/2006
Hill Country Rides
Dirt Bike and 4-Wheeler Trails
Camping Area w/ electricity, water , and port-a-potty
Ice chests and ice provided for personal use
Large Central Area Open Air Meeting Tent w/ Music

Thursday - October 5th > Arrivals Welcomed
Friday - October 6th -> Rides
Friday Night -> Pit BBQ (and Beer!)
Saturday - October 7th -> Chew the chaw (hangin out) and or more riding -> You choose
Saturday Night Grand Finale -> Full Harvest Moon -> Get ready for some HOWLING!
Live Music -> "Syntax" - (Adult Guard Warning!)
Catfish Fry! w/ Hush Puppies, Fries, Corn on the Cob, and Cole Slaw. (and Beer!)

So bring your bikes, your wives, your kids, you friends, or whatever tickles your turkey! Come one....Come all!

Note: Oct. 6, 11:13 p.m. EDT: The Full Harvest Moon. Always the full Moon occurring nearest to the Autumnal Equinox. In one out of three years, it comes in October and 2006 is one of those years.

Kirk Allen
Moody, Texas

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