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The 2008 SabMag Event Calendar

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

Last updated 4/24/2008.

All dates subject to change, check back often.

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KOTNYBB&W - January 18-20, 2008 - Greenville, SC

Come meet the Greenville contingent of maggots at this year's Kick off the New Year BBQ & Wrenchfest, or the KOTNYBB&W for short.

Format will be typical wrenchfest fare. Bring 'em, work on 'em and get some help from people that have done it before (hopefully). A large, indoor, heated, well-lit, shop with good tunes (aka the man-cave) will be provided. Stuff like work benches, Steeeeeeeve's 'spensive high-zoot NoMar tire changing machine and wheel balancer, motorcycle jacks, compressor, and assorted tools will be available. The days are short this time of year and we'll be drinking beer (except for Ryder if he shows, he's more of a tequila guy and KB leans towards soft drinks, but not as much as she used to), so bedrooms and plenty of floor space are also available, with the comfiest beds going to a complicated formula involving age, distance traveled, how much we like you and whether or not you piss off The Goddess, who will be in attendance this year.

There's also a big hot-tub for soaking away those wrenched wrenching elbows afterwards, so bring those suits if you embarass easily, although last year it was almost too warm out to use it (I just threw this in to piss off Zim-Bob). Wrenching will start in earnest Saturday morning, but brew sampling, tire-sniffing and maggot greeting can start Friday afternoon or early evening. We'll wrap up any loose ends and shoo everybody off Sunday morning.

What is it: KOTNYBB&W
Where is it: big red mo's in greenville, sc
When is it: 18-20 Jan. 2008

Interested? Contact me directly Big Red Mo with KOTNYBB&W in the subject line, for maps and directions.
Winter Maintenance Clinic (WMC) - February 8-10, 2008

Jean was so impressed by Linda's hospitality at NOE that she wants to try her hand at hosting something herself. My ST is in need of a timing belt replacement and new clutch springs. And for you traditionalists, we've also got a local V65 Sabre owner who needs just about everything a Sabmag could need done to it...valve adjust, carb teardown, fork seals, steering bearings. Sounds like the makings of a WMC!

Here are the details:

February 8/9/10 Location: 142 Wedgewood Drive, Gibsonia PA 15044

Jean has a large attached heated 2.5 car garage, a couple extra beds, couches and enough floor space for any number of people. Gibsonia is very close to the Pennsylvania turnpike, making getting there a no-brainer, a nice change from visiting me in the past.

The usual WMC itinerary will be followed: arrive Friday afternoon/evening and rub elbows with the usual suspects while enjoying free food and booze. Dive into wrenching Saturday after breakfast and either learn something, help out, or stand back and laugh at the shenanigans around you. Jean plans to pull out all the stops making Saturday's dinner, so bring an appetite. Sunday we'll clean up any loose ends from Saturday's wrenching, if any exist.

Hit me offlist for any further details. We're looking forward to it. It's been too long since I did one of these.

Contact David Ryder
SMEBW-08 - Bike Week 2008 - March 7, 2008 Eustis, FL - Yes, there will be a SMEBW-08

Coincides with the end of the annual Daytona Bike Week and the venue is about one hour west of Daytona

Date: March 7, 2008 Friday

Place: The Outpost, 135 Woodmere Dr., Eustis, FL 32726

A social gathering of V-4 Honda enthusiasts seeking to escape the winter doldrums.

There will be all you can eat free food and drink, and all the lies you care to hear, (or tell).

Contact me at Norm Lesmerises for further details.
SME 12.9 - Spring Shakedown, Tellico Edition V2! - April 18-20, 2008

Back by popular demand! Spring Shakedown 12.9 will be hosted in a Southern venue on April 18-20, 2008 at Hunt's Lodge Motorcycle Campground in Tellico Plains, TN. Come early, stay late. Meals provided for breakfast and dinner that Friday & Saturday, leftovers for breakfast Sunday (if there are any), you're on yer own the rest of time, although there is a grill and a kitchen available if somebody wants to volunteer for meals. Smoked pork BBQ will be featured at Saturday evening's dining free-for-all, who knows what else the rest of the time. I've got 6 months to plan, so it's hard to tell what will pop up.

So far, at each SME we've had since opening, the health inspector has been by to do his thing. Shall we shoot for a 3rd? Be here or we'll talk about ya'.



Visit: while you're at it.

Email Lori Hunt for more information and details.
SME 13.0 - May 29 - June 1, 2008 at Burr Oak State Park, Glouster, OH

Mark your calendars. The thirteenth annual (wow--that doesn't seem possible) SabMag East will be held in scenic southeastern Ohio the weekend after Memorial Day.

Since we have a whole bunch of newbies who are in this general region, I'd like to both flesh out the info that Katherine provided earlier, and extend a welcome to all list subscribers, their families, and friends. The thirteenth annual SabMag East will be held at Burr Oak State Park in scenic and incredibly twisty southeastern Ohio from Thursday, May 29 through Sunday, June 1. Since Jack and Lori, who have hosted this event in Tennessee for quite a few years now, are busy with their new motorcycle campground in the heart of the season, we've swapped events on a fairly permanent basis and they now host the Spring Shakedown, which in past years was often held in the cold rain and snow that often passes for spring in the mountain midwest. The week following Memorial Day is a short week for many of us already, and hopefully you may find it easier to make time available than on a later summer weekend. This is usually a mid-June event, but the park has offered us a significant discount for an earlier time.

The MO for this event remains as previous years and previous Spring Shakedowns. We have reserved a block of two-bedroom cabins on a cul-de-sac that gives us a fairly private enclave within the state park. There is plenty of camping available, but it would be just as easy to camp on the back screen porch of one of the cabins. Call 1-800-AT-A-PARK, ask for Burr Oak, and ask to reserve a cabin with the Sabmag group. We have again secured the three-nights-for-the-price-of-two deal, so expect about $300 for 3 nights, split however many ways. The cabins have two twin beds in one bedroom and a double in the other. The couch is sleepable and the back porches have room for a couple more campers.

The park has a restaurant at the main lodge, but we usually pitch together for group meals Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings. You are free to make your own arrangements, but the park is fairly isolated and there isn't much in the way of fine (or even coarse) dining nearby. The cabins have fully equipped kitchens.

Besides the camaraderie and the chance to put faces with names, one of the prime attractions of this area is the amazing variety of fun, challenging, and occasionally downright scary roads this region has to offer. We've had attendees from every corner of the US (and some few from elsewhere in the world) come to the Burr Oak events, and they'll all tell you that SE Ohio and West Virginia roads are truly unique. I'll reserve my standard pep talk for a little later, but suffice it to say that they'll take a huge bite out of your ego, not to say your motorcycle, if you don't give them your entire attention and your full respect. Remember at all times that it's a long way to the nearest hospital. This is not a place to measure your skills against other riders. I do promise, however, that you'll be both entertained and challenged.

We have some outstanding routes planned--some new and some old favorites. We usually break into small groups formed for similar skill levels and ride expectations. Some ride rather briskly and others are more scenery-oriented. You shouldn't worry about being sucked in over your head unless you misrepresent your skills and join up with the nuthammers. We're pretty safety oriented. Even though Ohio is a helmet-optional state, it's rare to see someone in our group riding without one. Our general mode is sport touring. I'd suggest you bring a helmet and a jacket at very bare minimum; full gear is highly encouraged and has frequently proven to have been a very good idea for more than a few of us.

I'm doing a lot of job hunting this spring so Katherine will be taking the point for organization. She'll be asking for a roll call in the near future, so let her know if you're planning to come. Likewise, feel free to use the list to make cabin arrangements and other plans. This event has been growing year by year and we should have easily 60 folks there this year. If you haven't made one yet, or if you're new to the group, the summer SME is the best way to meet and ride with your fellow maggots.

Directions: 10660 Burr Oak Lodge Rd., Glouster, OH.
Regional access via major highways: I-70, I-77, US33.
The lodge is about three and a half miles west of Glouster on OH78. The nearest major crossroads is OH13 at Glouster to the east and the infamous OH555 at Ringgold to the west.

Although there are no really good or bad ways to get there, please exercise extreme caution if you will be arriving after dark (OK, 555 after dark would be a pretty bad idea.).

SMW 1.1 Weaverville - May 14th -18th - Weaverville, CA

Come ride the mountains of Northern California in place of the traditional Spring Fling. We will be riding the twisty roads in and around placid Weaverville located on US299, including the Trinity, Scott, Salmon and coast range mountains. Jim Hiler had the brilliant idea and inaugurated this ride and venue last year and even though he won't be able to make it this year we are continuing in his stead as all of us attending enjoyed it immensely.

Many of us will be arriving Wednesday but come Friday for the weekend if you can't get away mid-week. For those of you that would prefer to camp there are many campgrounds within a reasonable distance to Weaverville. In addition, the town has many colorful dining spots and stores to go along with its history.

Most will be staying here and will be our gathering spot:

Red Hill Motel/Cabins
P.O. Box 234 - Weaverville, Ca 96093
Patty Holder
(530) 623-4331 Office - (530) 623-4341 Fax
Red Hill Motel Email

This will be a self-directed, no host event. Post questions to the socal or big list or email the calendar maintainer.
SMENOE 11.0 - Oh Yes! August 28 - September 2, 2008 (Labor Day Weekend) at the Zimranch on Piper Pond in Abbot Village, Maine. 4 hrs north of Boston.

Contact ZimBob for information, etc.

Don't be late in '08
Leaf Peep 2.9 Tellico Plains Style - October 16-20, 2008

Leaf Peep 2.0 will be Thursday, October 16 thru Sunday, October 20th at Hunt's Lodge. The usual itenerary of meals, riding, lies, and hooliganism will apply. Come early, stay late, be here or we'll talk about ya'....

Visit: while you're at it.

Email Lori Hunt for more information and details.

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