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The 2018 SabMag Event Calendar

last updated: 9/25/2017

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

This is a summary of the "official" SabMag Events for this year. There may be more information available on the SabMag mailing list. Check/ask there if you don't find enough information here.

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May 25-27, 2018 - SME Molly Stark Trail

   May 2018
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SME - Molly Stark Trail
May 25-27, 2018

Wilmington, Vermont

A chance for an early season, mid-Northeastern ride through the southern Green Mountains. Some great roads (Rt. 9 recently paved, 100 and 8 to name a few). There are a few good campgrounds and more than a few B&B’s or hotels in the Wilmington area. Looking for suggestions on where to center it. Campground, hotel or place that has both?

Organizer… John

July 26 - 29, 2018 - SME Adirondacks & Catskills 4.0

   July 2018
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SMEAC 4.0 July 26-29, 2018
100 James Rd, Galway, NY

A million variations to consider of course for individual preferences.

Dinner provided Thu - Sat. Breakfast provided Fri -Sun. Bring a dish to pass, beer or wine to consume.

There is more flat tent space than there will be tents or trailers. Available beds include; Queen (room 1), Queen and two single bunks (room 2), full size futon (Office)….. and assorted other nooks/crannies for inflatables or cots of which there are more than a few.

Bike parking in the front driveway, car and trailer parking on its left side and tenting on the right front lawn. Everything else will be set up in the rear yard and driveway.

This is put out as a family friendly event as we are in the vacation time of year and this area of New York State lends itself to touring. Besides... this weekend always has the makings of a great party!

Note that Debbie’s 501c3 will again be sponsoring a Poker Run on Sunday. Last year was good but it will start/end from a point geographically closer to us in 2018, and will be improved by the suggestions received last year.

Inquiries and reservations: John


John & Debbie
Galway, NY

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