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Addendum - The 2013 SabMag Event Calendar - Addendum

last updated: 2/6/2013

Wanna actually MEET some of the amazing personalities that inhabit the SabMag mailing list? Plan on attending one (or more) of the following events!

This is a summary of the "official" SabMag Events for this year. There may be more information available on the SabMag mailing list. Check/ask there if you don't find enough information here.

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SMR 2013 - July 25-28, 2013 - Kremmling, CO. - Linda Lambert's Surprise

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If this won't get you folks out for SMR 2013 I don't know what will...

Copied below is Linda's email to me about riding to eat at her place on Saturday of the SMR 2013. She lays out some fantsatic routes to and from her place from Kremmling. How can we miss this???? L D

Saturday is fine!

There are several routes here besides Trailridge. If Trail Ridge, I would advise getting over before 9 or 10AM (putting you at my place around 9:20 or 10:20 and most likely being put to work prepping for the arrival of the other miscreants - er - riders), or getting back across after 6PM (meaning you will most likely be put to work helping with cleanup and finishing off the open liquor...or doing wheelies in the driveway). It doesn't get dark here until after 9 in July. This route is 95 miles. Trail Ridge is open 24 hours.

There's the Peak-to-Peak. To get to the Peak-to-Peak, take 40 past Hot Sulpher. 40 meets I-70 for a few miles, then up 7. 7 gets you to Estes Park and Devil's Gulch (43) to my house. This is a spectacular ride! Total from Kremmling to my house - 172 miles. This would be my choice!

Also Cameron Pass. West/North on 40 to 14. 14 to 287 through Ft. Collins for a couple of miles, then back on twisties up 34 to Devil's Gulch (43). This route is 200 miles. 14 is quite nice!

Just so's ya know...Beautiful downtown Glen Haven is 2 miles from the road I live on. Those two miles have 17 turns. I was joking above about forced labor upon that arrive early or stay late. The guys are welcome to arrive anytime. The riding is great around here. We basically bought a house off of one of our favorite motorcycle roads. We'll help anyone that wants advice on ride options/ routes.

We live off of Devil's Gulch Road (43) on Dunraven Glade. The two miles up the Glade to our house are unpaved but well-maintained hardpack. The road and our driveway should not pose a problem to anyone.As far as menu, that will evolve as the event approaches and I know how many to expect. The range will be elk or bison steaks with Navajo frybread and veggies to ham sandwiches on wonder bread, depending on numbers. We just put a bar in on the lower level. It will be stocked and Steve has offered to be our bartender. We are around 7800' elevation so it will not be as hot as Kremmling.

Non-moto things, in case anyone is interested - there are hiking trails into Rocky about a fourth of a mile up our road. Or, you can just cut through our property. Anyone is welcome to come early/stay late if they want to hike or wander or ride around.

Let me know what you think.

I guess we should set a general time to meet. I'm open.


Let us hear from you as time gets near for this event so Linda can finish her planning,


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