After I posted the initial question,I went back out to the garage and had the headlight out in less than ten minutes. Nothing like a little public humiliation to get the ol' brain working. Here's the routine:


Small flat-bladed screwdriver

#1 phillips bit

10mm wrench

17mm deep well socket

Small hammer

The patience of a saint


First, enter a zen-like state of mental peace, constantly repeating the mantra: "Nothing I break can be replaced". Use the flat-bladed screwdriver to *carefully* pry out the plexi headlight cover; Sort of like taking a tire off the rim with tire irons. Going to the place on the fairing in back of the hermetically sealed headlight find the up-down headlight adjuster. Remove the small set screw on the knob with a #1 phillips screw driver bit in a 1/4" drive ratchet or an offset screwdriver. The knob will then slide off the shaft. (huh, huh, he said...) What's left looks sort of like a pre Japanese invasion American car radio tuning shaft. Take the deep well 17mm socket and dissemble. Next to the adjustment knob is a black 10mm acorn nut. Remove this. Take a small hammer or something and tap *lightly* on the stud that the acorn nut was on to unseat the headlight mechanism. Pull the head light assembly out from the front and disconnect the three-prong plug. Pull off the rubber "boot" to reveal a wire circlip that holds the bulb in. Avoid touching the glass part of the replacement bulb unless you want to do this procedure again in a couple of days. To reassemble, reverse this procedure. (my favorite line from Clymers next to "Step one: remove engine.") I really feel for someone who has to do this on the side of the road at midnight in a driving rainstorm.