Change history:

v1.0 Original Release (October, 1996)

v1.03 (March, 1997)

Added report on Sargent saddle and Travelcade seat cover.

Removed reference to Myer's Radiator repair. They reportedly only repair aluminum radiators. (Any other alternatives?)

Added another fanstat alternative.

Added differences from model year to the next for V65s.

Clarified and correct terminology in carb section.

Cleaned up oil analysis document for readability.

Cleaned up oil additive article for readability.

Cleaned up oil FAQ for readability.

v1.1 (July, 1997)

Added address for sending corrections, broken links and just general bitching.

Added schematic for fan override switch.

Added source for a compression tester with fittings for SabMags.

Answered question about teeing from oil pressure switch as an "oil mod".

Added commands for SabMag East list.

Added article for fixing a finicky ignition switch.

Added article on alternator.

Added article on changing headlight in Hondaline fairing.

More seats:

Added yet another boneyard URL.

Added info on Russell saddles

Added article on metal polishing

Corrected contact information for Hyperlight

Added KG Slider info

Added source for parts microfiches.

Added source for radiator cap.

Added source for braided brake lines.

Added information and schematic for wiring single-connector fanstat.

Added schematic for horn relay (used with Fiamms).


v1.15 (February, 1999)

 Who are these people?


 More brake lines


 More oil filter info

v1.2 (January 2000)

I’ve long since forgotten the changes I made.

v1.21 (May 2000)

Cleaned up some broken links

Added a download for the whole FAQ in ZIP format

Added recommendation to check or replace the battery for any “won’t start” situation.

Added link for Canadian mail order.

Added link for spark box repair.

Added info on naming a bike.

Miscellaneous other shite.




 V2.0 November 2001

Link to Holeshot backrest

Dealers by state

Update on high wattage lights

Entry for online parts fiches

Entry for coaster files

VF500 Valve adjustment information

Dead bike – main fuse information

Fan motor fix

Tire Express link

V65 Sabre K&N air filter info

Spec II fairing link

Radiator repair info

Cutting a windshield link

DIY clutch nut tool

V30 valve adjust tool

Link to Helm for manuals

Link to V-4 specs

140 series tires on V45 answer.

Link to V65 fairing manual

User experience installing a Dave Dodge clutch

Link to EPS version of the SabMag patch

Link to fuel petcock rebuild kit

Link to Matt Osborne’s page

Katakana wire color translation chart

Link to Katherine Becker’s Givi page

Added another tire changing link