This is supposed to be flasher.txt.
It is missing from all versions of the Sabre/Magna FAQ mirrors I have seen.

If you know where it can be found please email Thanks.

Posted to the sabmag list 7-23-2002 by Brian Diver in response to a request for "flasher.txt" by Ted Fulmer:
Here is the fix that I got from Jack Hunt many moons ago which he saved from
Dave Berkley.  This does work as I have done the mod on my V45 Sabre.  Now
EVERYONE save it and lets put it in the FAQ.

The Fix ---

Dave Berkey first posted this fix back on 10/13/96, I had the same problem a
while back, including heart stoppage when I found out what Honda wanted for
the replacement flasher. Actually, at least on my '83 Magna, the signal
circuit is pretty simple.

The Green/White wire supplies power and the Gray wire feeds the signal
lights. A 2-terminal cage flasher will do the job, part #536/552 little
fuse. The power wire connects to one terminal, the lights to the other. It
doesn't seem to matter which one connects where. I didn't want to chop up
the Honda wiring so here's how I "rigged" it up.

A 3-prong headlight socket from the parts house will provide a place to plug
in the new flasher. By opening up the existing flasher and cutting off a
little of the circuit board, you will have a socket which will plug into the
Honda wiring and a place to solder the leads from the headlight socket.

Shorten and strip the headlight socket leads and solder one to correspond
with the Green/White wire and one to correspond to the Gray wire. Cut off
and discard the third headlight socket lead. Use hot glue or something like
it to connect the 2 sockets together to prevent breaking of the leads, plug
in the new flasher, mount and plug in the assembly to the Honda wiring and
you're done.

- Brian Diver


More good information from Bob Peloquin (RTN):