Sending commands to the Sabre/Magna list server:

Send email addressed to LISTSERV@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (not case sensitive) with your command in the body of the message. No subject line is necessary.


Commands are italicized. You need to put your e-mail address in place of

To subscribe to sabmag:

subscribe sabmag Firstname Lastname

To unsubscribe from sabmag:

signoff sabmag

To change your subscribed name:

Unsubscribe from the list (as above), then resubscribe with the new name.

To set your subscription to digest mode:

set sabmag digest

To have copies of your own posts mailed to you from the list:

set sabmag rep

For further questions, send the commands

info refcard info genintro

to the listserver; it will respond with some general help files you can read.

To post to the list:

Send email to

List administrator:

Send email to