Trip Report - FSR - January 6, 2002 - The Rainy Ride That Wasn't

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FSR January 2002

This Sunday was different... Okay this Sunday was -WET-!!

I was up at the normal time for a FSR. Time enough to shower, gear up, and arrive at the appointed meeting place on time. This morning I have my doubts about whether or not anyone will show. It has rained non-stop since yesterday and shows no signs of letting up. But, hey, I have rain gear. If someone comes I'll ride.

With my helmet visor and windshield newly rain-xed and fog-xed and my rain gear on I head out of the garage toward 22. The rain is steady, wind blustery and gusting. At Hwy. 22 I turn west for Salem and Valley Junction. There is absolutely no traffic as I question my sanity and think of the warm bed I just left.

Through Salem, over the Willamette, continuing west toward Valley Junction, the traffic is still extremely light. Temperatures are moderate and I have elected to pack, not wear, my one ride old, homemade electric vest. Good choice. My face shield refuses to stay free of fog without keeping it cracked open a hair. (Gotta get a fog city insert.)

It takes me about an hour to reach the junction. I have not seen another bike on the road. The rain continues its steady drone. Speeds have been good and traction is good; visibility is fair. I really don't expect, at this point, to see anyone else there. Feeling certifiable as I pull into the Texaco, I am not surprised that no one is there and the attendant has seen no other bikers. I decide to wait anyway and gas up. After paying I pull off to the side and park popping out the camera for a 'proof of story' picture.

Picture taking complete, 15 minutes gone by, I mount up and head east on 22. At 51 I head south to Independence and across the bridge to south Salem. I am on a mission to find Hylo Rd. After a good 40 minutes of taking turns I ened up at the end of Liberty headed back toward Salem. Hylo appears on the right which I take to Delaney and then Turner. By now the rain has stopped but thick fog has moved over the hilltops.

I arrive back home in time for a late breakfast/early lunch at about 11:30 am. Covered about 110 miles for the day and had a fine time depsite the rain. Later I sat down at the computer to load the pictures only to discover I had flipped the switch and taken mpeg movies instead. Having no means to edit out a single frame and since the short videos include the bike and signage plus ground, sky, fingers, lens cap, and other totally worthless content all in a vertical mode turned horizontal, I have not included them here.

Did I really ride? Hell yes, where were you guys??

Trip Stats:

  • Total Distance:     115.44 miles
  • Rolling Time:       2 hours 29 minutes
  • Average Speed:   50.41 mph
  • Top Speed:         91.1 mph

OK, Here's some really bad video:
('Cause I thougt I was taking snaps.)

©2001 - 2002 Doug Chapman - All rights reserved

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