Trip Report

(A Few) Pictures from SMW2k

(in no particular order or organization)

SMW-1 Leonard M., Ken T., Mark M., Bob S. (Leonard's and Doug C's V65 Magnas)
SMW-2 Leonard M. between his (red) and Doug's (black) bikes
SMW-3 Same as above
SMW-4 Ken T's nice Triumph
SMW-5 Ken, Doug, and Leonard's rydes
SMW-6 Barb T's Nighthawk
SMW-7 Mark M's ST
SMW-8 Bob S's V45 (all the way from Canada)
SMW-8 Kate's Magna?
SMW-9 Mark, Bob, Eric Driskell (Eric's ST)
SMW-10 Ken's Triumph, Volcano ambiance
SMW-11 St. George with early arrivals
SMW-12 St. George with more early arrivals
SMW-13 Axel (& VFR) re-upping the fuel pump field repair
SMW-14 More bikes - later arrivals
SMW-15 More bikes - Mike S. and Peter S. VFRs, Eric's ST?
SMW-16 The Oregon contingent w/ Don P. and the Devlins and more
SMW-17 Rhoda w/ PC and others
SMW-18 More Volcano ambiance
SMW-19 Dark, shady picture of bikes
SMW-20 St. George and main road into Volcano
SMW-21 Same as above
SMW-22 Across the street from the Hotel
SMW-23 Same as above
SMW-24 Bikes and more Volcano
SMW-25 Deli and tasting room - Ironstone Winery
SMW-26 Winery entrance
SMW-27 Waterwheel at the winery
SMW-28 Same as above
SMW-29 View of vinyard
SMW-30 More of same
SMW-31 More winery, vinyard, and grounds
SMW-32 Riding group parked - lunchtime...
SMW-33 44 pound gold nugget (in winery vault)
SMW-34 Closeup of gold nugget
SMW-35 More nugget...
SMW-36 More grounds...
SMW-37 Inside the museum
SMW-38 Inside the museum
SMW-39 Flowers? I dunno...what was I thinking?
SMW-40 More?!?
SMW-41 More yet...must be the heat...
SMW-42 The group I tagged along with - minus Don Peters.
SMW-43 More group...
SMW-44 And again

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